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Developing a process and collection cycle that works is one thing. Keeping it relevant, effective and able to yield excellent returns requires constant enquiry, data and performance analysis.

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Our process
By applying the experience we have gained over the last 20 years we were able to craft a unique debt collection cycle that has proved to yield excellent returns.
We have built and automated our uniquely defined set of collection rules, calls to action, contact intervals and type of contact into the software we employ. This creates one uniform process and ensures all our collection resources are applied.
Not only do our call centre staff have the relevant experience, they are also guided and lead in their collection efforts by our automated software. Our system prioritises, auto-dials debtors and assists them with taking the appropriate action.
Our server runs bulk processes like automated voice, letter, sms and email campaigns after hours increasing our productivity to 24 hours per day.

Meet our key players

The success of any company is contingent on brilliant leadership. Our management team has a collective 30 years in the debt collection industry.

We know the game, and we play to win.
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Our success speaks for itself

We’ve developed a process and collection cycle that works. We use constant analytics and insights to keep it relevant, effective and able to yield excellent returns.
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We're competition-beaters

Our process is optimised by our collection strategy, timing of action, the different kinds technology we employ, our tracing abilities, qualified and trained call center staff lead by a well qualified and experienced management team.
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