Why we're better

Our process is optimised by our collection strategy, timing of action, the different kinds technology we employ, our tracing abilities, qualified and trained call centre staff lead by a well qualified and experienced management team.

Junior and Mercia served in leading roles in client liaison for large companies for many years. They have both come to understand what clients need from a debt collection partner, including the day-to-day hurdles they may face, dealing with debtors and dispute resolution skills.

Tracing Experts

We have an integrated automated tracing module in our debt recovery cycle and links to the major South African credit bureaus. We offer free listing of defaulting debtors on these credit bureaus.

Industry Agnostic

Vula Collections has clients in a varied array of commercial sectors and is thus positioned to assist clients in any industry.

Cost Effectiveness

If we don’t collect you don’t pay. We have teamed up with attorneys who offer their service to Vula Collections at no extra charge. Litigation is available to Vula Collections clients at affordable rates in the event of unsuccessful collection efforts.


Timing & types of collection efforts, accuracy of tracing bureaus, business software, payment options for debtors, experienced call centre agents and knowledgeable management results in optimal efficiency in the collection industry.


We understand that as a client you might not want to hand over all future debts. Our agreement does not limit you to us only, thus giving you the opportunity to put us to the test. Should we not impress, simply don’t hand over again.


Vula Collections’ leadership team has earned the respect of senior management in small and large companies over the last 22 years. Though newly founded as Vula Collections, Junior & Mercia’s credentials and ethics can be confirmed by many.